with Charlotte Xerri (nee Shorthouse) CCI (TP)


CMT Pathway 2017

It is possible for the process, Phase One and Phase Two, to be completed within a three year time frame.
The length of Phase Two may vary due to personal circumstances.

The prerequisites for the CMT pathway are attendance at two Level I & II courses and CFP Certification.

Although attendance at Voice Your Potential advanced courses are not an official
prerequisite, they are a requirement for this pathway.


If you would like to be considered for the

Certified Master Teacher (CMT) Pathway


Email for full details including,

Request for Mentorship Form & Cost/Fee information

Candidates will be selected on the strength of their existing qualifications and
experience in one/ all of the following:
performing, teaching, coaching, speech therapy, vocal health.

In most cases, this course is not suitable for new graduates.


The Phase One Course

The Phase One course is designed to prepare you for a written exam,
a Voiceprint Exam and for the Observed Teaching which forms
Phase Two of the process.
Please refer to the Certification Manual 4.0 for details of the written and
Voiceprint examination protocols.

The written and Voiceprint examinations will be scheduled in July 2017
by agreement.

Monthly sessions, 10am – 4pm, Fridays, Lewes, East Sussex

September 15
October 13
November 10
December 8               
January 12
February 9
March 9
April 20
May 18
June 15
July 13

In addition mentees are required to attend: -

Application in Action 1   (23rd April 2017 or 1st October 2017)
Application in Action 2   (21st May 2017 or 26th November 2017)
Application in Action 3   (23rd June 2017 or 14th January 2018)


The written and Voiceprint examinations will be scheduled on:-
Friday 20th July 2018.
The Voiceprint examination will be scheduled by agreement in:-
July/August 2018.
Monthly sessions will include:

•          Detailed guided practice with Voice Print
•          In depth exploration of the Estill Model and its applications.
•          Discussion of Estill Voice Training’s place in the wider context of
vocal pedagogy.

Self-study will include:

•          Voice Print practice
•          Short written assignments
•          Preparation of 15 minute presentations on aspects of The Estill Model
•          Further reading in anatomy, acoustics, phonetics, singing (all genre),
the actor’s voice, speech therapy, performance coaching and pedagogy

Email Support

Mentees are encouraged to email with questions and examples from their
Voiceprint practice to support their self-study and progress in between session.

Course Observation

In order to add to their ‘tool box’ of coaching strategies, mentees are strongly
encouraged to attend additional Level I & II and one-day courses to observe
as many CMTs, CCIs and CMT-Cs as possible.

Regarding Voice Your Potential courses, it may be necessary to charge a small
observation fee depending location....Please check in advance.

Upcoming Level I & II Courses:

Level I & II    The Urdang Academy, London, 23-27 October 2017
Level I & II    The Waterfront Hotel, Brighton, Easter 2018 (dates tbc)

Certified Master Teacher Candidate – CMT-C

Once the Phase One written exam and Voice Print exam have been passed the
mentee becomes a CMT-C and can move onto Phase Two.


The CMT-C will demonstrate competency in accurate teaching of 26 elements
of Estill Voice Training (see p 66 Certification Manual) to groups of Estill naives. 

The CMT-C will demonstrate:
  • The ability to connect with diverse groups of students, performers, teachers and therapists in private and on public Level I & II courses.
  • The figures and qualities accurately and offer a variety of strategies for accessing them. 
  • The ability to troubleshoot and correct when students have difficulty with a figure or quality. 

An opportunity to demonstrate teaching competency of at least 20%
(6 practice groups) of the 26 elements will be offered in four official courses
over the two years, arranged by myself:
Level I & II – London   October half term, 2018, 2019

Level I & II – Brighton Easter holiday, 2019, 2020

The remaining competencies can be demonstrated in private sessions organised by
the CMT-Cs, individually or as a group. The CMT-C should gain convidence working
with private groups before leading groups on public courses.
This is to support the CMT-C’s success in passing Teaching Observations.

These sessions can be examined in person or via video. The CMT-C will receive
immediate verbal feedback following each live observation and written feedback
within one month of the observation be it live or via video.

Email Support

Email support will continue to be available in Phase Two to provide the necessary
continuity in preparation for observed teaching.

If you would like to be considered for the

Certified Master Teacher (CMT) Pathway


         Email for full details including

Request for Mentorship Form & Cost/Fee information
  • “There were many ‘light-bulb’ moments as well as reassurances”

    Level I & II
    Neil MacDonald – Musical Director

  • “Opened my mind to an amazing set of possibilities in my future coaching for opera and musical theatre.”

    Level I & II
    Jon-Luke Kirton – Opera Repetiteur, Musical Director, Pianist

  • “This course has helped me to identify areas of overwork and inefficiency. It has made singing more easy and has helped me to understand the implications of my training so far.”

    Level I & II
    Sue Appleby – Actress, Singer, MD, Singing Teacher

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